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Scoocase is an electric scooter suitcase specially designed for making your commute in airports simple. With its built in skateboard, high-quality wheels, and innovative steering, traveling becomes easier than ever.

scoocase picture
scoocase picture

Suitcase that becomes a vehicle.

Scoocase is a smart electric hand-held suitcase which with a press of a button turns into an ELECTRIC SCOOTER. The Scoocase is home to an easily removable new age battery that will last a long time and recharge quickly. Scoocase offers a larger version of the hard-shelled suitcase sans the scooter, that is available to be checked in luggage.

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To keep your hands free to steer this smart gadget there is a place designed for your smartphone. It allows you to keep track of the battery level and GPS with your Scoocase app.


Scoocase is made out of lightweight carbon fiber, sleek aluminum handle, and custom design graphics. It is the only gadget that provides the perfect combination of functionality, comfort and first class style. The robust hard shell has a separate laptop compartment that doubles as a backpack. Scoocase wheels are made of equally high-quality materials that make your ride exceptionally comfortable with no surfaces that it could not overcome. The weight limit has been tested to hold up to 100 kg (220 lbs).

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Luggage space

Scoocase corresponds to the hand luggage standards including the scooter. If you roll down the sturdy handle and fold up the built-in skateboard your scooter becomes a carry on bag that can fit the overhead compartment. Scoocase dimensions fit perfectly for most airlines ( 22" L x 9" W x 16" H ) and the weight of 5 kg (10 lbs) meets basic standards. The interior stowing capacity is a roomy 1900 cubic inches (about 8 gallons).


The vehicle’s propulsion is powered through the back wheel that additionally raises its agility. Scoocase can reach a velocity of 15 mph and range up to 15 miles on one charge. The innovative battery recharges on its own when riding downhill and charges with a plug to 100% in 45 minutes to an hour.

Smartphone station
in Scoocase handle

The smartphone compartment allows the traveler to utilize the Scoocase app. The application which can be downloaded free, allows the traveler to keep an eye on battery life, speed, GPS, temperature gauge and many more functions. In between commutes, a USB port in the battery allows the traveler to recharge their devices and stay connected!

scoocase picture


Scoocase has it’s own mobile app that allows you to take the best advantage of the gadget! The scoocase mobile app connecting via bluetooth displays such parameters as speed, distance travelled, distance left on current battery level, power consumption, battery charging meantime breaking, temperature, ballast or RPN (revolutions per minute). Moreover the app presents actual map location and even mark the area that you will be able to reach with current battery level! The application also has an alarm, which informs when the suitcase has given itself away from the user.

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scoocase app




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