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Scoocase means smart gadget designed especially to help to move around the airports. Due to a built-in skateboard made with high-quality wheels and innovative steering, travelling with a suitcase becomes easier than ever.

scoocase picture
scoocase picture

Suitcase that becomes a vehicle.

Scoocase is an electric hand-held case for moving around airports. Thanks to the built-in electric motor and the innovative steering system, your hand-held suitcase turns into an ELECTRIC SCOOTER when you press the button.

Look at the details.



To get your hands out of many stuff scoocase has the ergonomic catch for tablet or smartphone in it’s handle that guarantees to remain your devices in safe and stable position. Obviously it also gives you possibility to use the scoocase app easily and keep up with your location or battery level.


Scoocase is made of carbon fibers! It is probably the only gadget that provides perfect combination of functionality, comfort and first class styling. Especially designed hard suitcase has a separate laptop compartment and additional sections to keep all your things in place during the trip. Scoocase wheels made of high-quality materials make your ride exceptionally comfortable so there are no surfaces that could become barriers.

scoocase picture

Luggage space

Scoocase components are a common suitcase that corresponds the hand luggage standards and a built-in skateboard. If you only roll down a telescopic handle, the carry-on baggage that allows you even to put it into the overhead locker will appear. Suitcase dimensions fit perfectly for most airlines ( 22" long X 9" wide X 16" tall ). Interior stowing capacity - 1900 cubic inches.


The vehicle’s propulsion situated in back wheel additionally raise it’s agility. Due to the modern driving technology, scoocase can reach velocity that can really speed up the moving. Scoocase can reach velocity of 15 mph and range of 15 miles. Battery charge to 80% takes 40 min.


Scoocase has it’s own mobile app that allows you to take the best advantage of the gadget! The scoocase mobile app connecting via bluetooth displays such parameters as speed, distance travelled, distance left on current battery level, power consumption, battery charging meantime breaking, temperature, ballast or RPN (revolutions per minute). Moreover the app presents actual map location and even mark the area that you will be able to reach with current battery level! The application also has an alarm, which informs when the suitcase has given itself away from the user.

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scoocase app



a solution for panoramic tours in VR technology


An electric, mobile, folding vehicle designed for comfort when visiting the fair, shopping mall and getting around the city. It is also ideal for moving to school or work. The vehicle may be equipped with a camera for documenting events.


driVeR!! What is this vehicle?!

driVeR is the perfect solution for anyone who moves in urban space. The vehicle is distinguished primarily by its lightweight and automatically folded construction. In the upper part there is a 360 degree camera, you can also install a regular camera. The vehicle has many uses. You can use it as a means of transport, mobile advertising or help with video projects etc. This vehicle is made of carbon fiber and aluminum alloy, making it very light, mobile, has inflatable wheels, with integrated engines, automatically folding steering wheel and seat. After folding, the vehicle easily fits into any trunk. The range allows you to cover a distance of 38 miles. It has an ergonomic tablet or smartphone holder, which guarantees that your devices will remain in a safe and stable position.

The vehicle is fully personalized. On the housing there are fields for placing the logo and information about the company. This allows you to dynamically change the nature of the vehicle depending on the user's requirements.

It is worth mentioning that the vehicle is eco-friendly. It is powered by electricity, and its charging does not require the consumption of a large amount of electricity. Therefore, it does not emit any exhaust gases.

The creator and designer of vehicles Scoocase was honored with the Innovative personality of 2018 Year by Wprost Magazine award for the innovation of implemented projects (SCOOCASE suitcase and DriVeR vehicle). In addition, Scoocase has been awarded as the gadget of 2019 in the American program Kelly and Ryan Hottest Tech Gadgets 2019.

driVeR in action

Original design - electrically controlled trolley used by employees when preparing reports from the fair.



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